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Tony Cardenas-Montana Creates The Monster Circus

Tony came to me with an idea for a over the top production rock show with a cast of known rock icons in about 2004.  We spent time throwing ideas around, trying to find the right people to work with, and finding the players to make it a really diverse and exciting group.  Finally we thought we had everything we needed, and we put on a showcase in Las Vegas on Dec 9th of 2008.  The three bootleg tracks that you hear in hour two of this weeks Noize Faktory come from each of the months that the show performed in Las Vegas.

The band for the showcase was Tony (Lead Guitar/Lead Vocal), John Corabi (Guitar/Lead Vocal), Bruce Kulick (Lead Guitar), Rudy Sarzo (Bass), and Bobby Rock (drums).  When we launched the full show in March, which was incredibly difficult, Fred Coury was in the fold on drums, and then in April, Dave Kushner from Velvet Revolver came in to fill in for Bruce who was touring with Grand Funk.  Corabi had the quote of the run in an interview, he said “yeah we asked for the guitarist from Velvet Revolver, and this is who we got!”  Dave played his ass off, and they all had a great time working together.

On a personal note, for me, it was huge to be able to put together a band of guys whose records and careers were part of my formative years and get to work with them all on this level.  Each of them are incredible people, and it truly had some magic that I wish you all could have seen.

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