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The Noize Faktory - May 7th 2021The Noize Faktory
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Hello all,


and welcome back to the Noize Faktory!  I know, it only took me five months to get my act together!  Shocking!  The good news is we are back with a great batch of new music that has filled the first quarter of 2021, and given me a little hope for what is to come.  Check out the playlist in MaxAlt Rock Magazine coming out on May 7th! 


Let Rock N’ Roll lead the Rebellion!


1) Dead Daisies - Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)

2) AC/DC - Through The Mists Of Time 

3) Alice Cooper - $1000 High Heel Shoes

4) Shadow & The Thrill - Sugarbowl

5) Cheap Trick - Final Days

6) Ricky Warwick - Wrathchild

7) Smith/Kotzen - Taking My Chances

8) The Struts (feat. Tom Morello) - Wild Child

9) Doomslide - I Want Your Sex

10) MineField - Alone Together


Let your voice be heard! 

The Noize Faktory - Episode 18The Noize Faktory
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Hello my conspiring musical maniacs!  Welcome to another episode of the Noize Faktory!

This week we move our discussion about Rock N’ Roll being the first target of the cancel culture to the decade of the 1960’s.  This is the decade of the birth of the Conspiracy Theory, a term given to us by your friends at the CIA.  Funny that. Lot’s of mystery, lots of upheaval, lots of threats to the establishment, and just like in the 50’s, the decade ends with the deaths of some of the biggest names of the era, and the death of the peace and love movement. 

The Soundtrack for the week:

1) Come Alive - Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency
2) Manic Depression - Ace Frehley & Bruce Kulick
3) Whatever It Takes To Survive - King King
4) I Didn’t Think She Would Do It - Joe Bonamassa
5) Lucky 7 - Jane N’ The Jungle
6) Espiritu Muerto - Queensryche
7) Home - Minefield
8) Wild Child - The Struts with Tom Morello
9) Ready To Roll - Shadow & The Thrill
10) Too Bad - Rival Sons

The Noize Faktory - Episode 17The Noize Faktory
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Hello my dashing disciples of decadence! 

Back with a new episode this week, full of good music and I launch my witch hunt on the cancel culture who took down rock music, and forced us into the shadows.  When we get to the bottom of this I know that we will find that some who we trusted at one point were complicit, and others like Bob Costas who we knew were guilty of something will have played a hand in our disillusion and suffering. 

Remember, whenever you look at an event or series of events from history, context is of the utmost importance.  Without it your observations mean nothing.  This is a very important lesson in life, all history needs context, you can’t pretend that the world then is the same as the world now, it’s imperative to understand the situation, even when it’s a challenging point of view, so you can understand the decision making process, the reactions, and the challenges that the time presented.

The Playlist:

1) Damon Johnson & The Get Ready - Battle Lessons
2) Crobot - Keep Me Down
3) AC/DC - Demon Fire
4) The Dead Daisies - Unspoken
5) Shadow & The Thrill - Sugarbowl
6) Broken Witt Rebels - Money
7) Doomslide - Rock On
8) The Struts - Do You Love Me
9) The Heavy Eyes - God Damn Wolf Man
10) Kiss - Saint & Sinner

Hello all,

My week has been on the busy side, and because of my schedule, I am going to deliver you a great interview I did with Scott Holiday of the Rival Sons this.  This is from a few years ago as they had just released Great Western Valkerie.  Scott is a terrific character, and someone I enjoy speaking to immensely.  This is a 3 part show, with lots of incredible music from Rival Sons!


The Noize Faktory - Scott Holiday 1The Noize Faktory
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The Noize Faktory - Scott Holiday 2The Noize Faktory
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The Noize Faktory - Scott Holiday 3The Noize Faktory
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The Noize Faktory - Episode 16The Noize Faktory
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The Noize Faktory returns this week, and we have a lot of things to discuss.  The Ticketmaster Covid Test requirement, and then Metallica cancels their 2021 dates, saying it is unsafe to do larger live shows, and will be for some time.  Covid appears to the be the tolling bell for the touring industry.  I get into both subjects, and I use some math to give you some food for thought! 

Got some incredible songs mixed in this week, new and old, but all of the highest quality!  Enjoy, and thank you for always tuning in.

The Playlist:

1) Kadavar - Evil Forces
2) Thee Rock & Roll Residency - Come Alive
3) Union - October Morning Wind
4) Taddy Porter - Devil’s Right Hand
5) StoneRider - Show Me The Light
6) The Temperance Movement - Only Friend
7) Wolfmother - Spanish Rose
8) Ace Frehley - Kicks
9) Blue Oyster Cult - Tainted Blood
10) ZZ Top - 2000 Blues

The Noize Faktory - Episode 15The Noize Faktory
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Hello my maniacal music loving zombie killers!  We are about to be called up!

As the world descends into a barrel fucking contest judged by self important nipple twisting elitists who make Bob Costas and his brown eye….I mean pink eye, sorry, look like a solid source of moral guidance, I return with another thought provoking and deeply inspiring episode of the Noize Faktory.

My favorite thing about doing this show is my freedom of programming.  It’s radio in it’s purest form.  It’s radio the way it was intended.  I share what I find to be great songs from bands that I think you need to hear, and albums that you may have missed.  It’s my twist on rock music, sometimes a bit heavier, sometimes more bluesy, sometimes even funny, but it all seems to fit together nicely, and it defines the personality of this show. 

The News On The Noize Faktory Returns: McDonald’s Cult Classic, The McRib, is coming back! (did you tinkle a little?)

The Playlist:

1) The Rivals Sons - Keep On Swinging
2) Alice Cooper - Your Momma Won’t Like Me
3) Deep Purple - Doing It Tonight
4) Doomslide - I Want Your Sex
5) Shadow & The Thrill - Ready To Roll
6) Ricky Warwick - Fighting Heart
7) Screaming Eagles - Rock N’ Roll Soul
8) Europe - War Of Kings
9) Vandenberg - Let It Rain
10) Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away

The Noize Faktory - Episode 14The Noize Faktory
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Welcome to The Noize Faktory friends, and thank you to Max Alt Rock for bringing us into the fold for this new trade. I am honored to be a part of it.  Rock radio has a lot of great music out there right now, a lot of it that hasn’t been getting played in mass, and I hope that I can turn you guys on to some of the truly incredible albums that should be getting spins on the stations you are listening to and programming!

The Playlist:

1) Joe Bonamassa - I Didn’t Think She Would Do It
2) The Cold Stares - Don’t Wast Time With Goodbye
3) The Struts - I Hate How Much I Want You
4) Minefield - Alone Together
5) AC/DC - Shot In The Dark
6) Blue Pills - Dreaming My Life Away
7) Doomslide - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
8) Shadow & The Thrill - Crazy
9) King King - I Will Not Fall
10) Richie Kotzen - Raise The Cain

The Noize Faktory - Episode 13The Noize Faktory
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Hello my Mischievous Miscreants!  Welcome to another edition of The Noize Faktory!  I apologize I do rant a bit this week about a stupid article I read.  Very annoying to see such ignorance at a time when so many people are affected and out of work.  It’s as if Bob Costas, Joe Buck, Al Sharpton and Jim Florentine have had a foursome, and they have each given birth a million times to self centered morons, who cry because they aren’t getting enough attention on all their duck face pics, and selfies, so tantrums must be thrown, and they believe that their opinions take on new gravity because they believe they are internet famous.  I liked it better when the creeps had to stay in their basements, and were outcasts from society, and it wasn’t ok to sell yourself on the internet.  What’s your price?  Oh, just your self-respect?  Sounds fair. 

Remember my friends, in the end, we all make mistakes, learn to take responsibility, and you will always be able to look yourself in the mirror and hold your head up.  When you live a lie, you will be haunted by those you did wrong for eternity.  Unless of course they were assholes and you were just settling the score.  Then you will be fine. :)

The Playlist:

1) The Dead Daisies - Bustle & Flow
2) Ace Frehley & Robin Zander - 30 Days In The Hole
3) Ricky Warwick - Fighting Heart
4) Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Pressure
5) The Cold Stares - Ways
6) Marcus King - Say You Will
7) Monster Truck - Undone
8) Blue Pills - Kiss My Past Goodbye
9) Thee Rock N’ Roll Residency - Til’ The Real Thing Comes Along
10) Twenty Two Hundred - Why Can’t You Love Me?

The Noize Faktory - Episode 12The Noize Faktory
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How are you all of you riled rock rejects holding up?  Are you in a need of a shot?  Something to pick you up?  I think I may have just the thing for you!  No, no, it’s not the confession of another D-Lister to cyber stalking young women, or their role in the death of a crackhead, it’s much better than that, it’s a brand new episode of The Noize Faktory!  And this is a really good one!

After the crushing loss of EVH an unlikely group of heroes came to help give us hope once again, AC/DC return with a new song “Shot In The Dark”, and a soon to be released new album called Power Up.  It’s as if the gods smiled upon us, to give us a ray of hope, and show us that we will get through all this.  But not only do we have the new AC/DC, but we have a lot of new hope to share this week!  Check out the show!

The Playlist:

1) AC/DC - Shot In The Dark
2) The Struts - I Hate How Much I want You (Feat. Phil Collen and Joe Elliott)
3) Shadow & The Thrill - Ready To Roll
4) Richie Kotzen - Raise The Cain
5) Kadavar - Evil Forces
6) Ayron Jones - Take Me Away
7) Doomslide - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
8) Joe Bonamassa - Why Does it Take So Long To Say Goodbye
9) Dirty Honey - Too Much Poison
10) Leslie West - Standing On Higher Ground (Feat. Billy Gibbons)

The Noize Faktory - Episode 11The Noize Faktory
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Hello all,

The music World was dealt a heavy blow this week with the tragic loss of a legend and pioneer, Eddie Van Halen.  This year has been hard in many ways, and has taken so many icons, legends, and musicians who were part of the soundtrack to our lives.  This show is to celebrate just a few of them, pay our respects, and share memories and stories of the impact they have had on our lives.  

Join me for a special edition of The Noize Faktory, raise your glasses to some of the characters that became part of our stories, and whose legacies we hold on to in our music collections, ticket stubs, t-shirts, and our memories!  

The Playlist:

1) Over The Mountain - Ozzy Osbourne
2) The Real Me - W.A.S.P.
3) Holy Water - Bad Company
4) Oh Well - Fleetwood Mac
5) Mean Street - Van Halen
6) I’ll Wait - Van Halen 
7) Love To Love - UFO 
8) YYZ - Rush 
9) Set Me Free - Sweet
10) Goodbye - Paul Stanley 

The Noize Faktory - Episode 10The Noize Faktory
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Hello my music loving miscreants!

The news is hilarious this week, I like keeping that light so we can all laugh together as you listen.  No matter how many crazy stories I find on the AP, they never cease to amaze me!  We as humans really need help!  Lots of great tunes this week, new music from some old friends, and a few new bands that should give you something to get excited about.

The Playlist:

1) Stoning The Devil - Crobot - Motherbrain
2) Freedom Is Mine - Wolfmother - Rock N’ Roll Baby
3) Lucky 7 - Jane N’ The Jungle
4) PTSD - Agency Panic
5) Tainted Blood - Blue Oyster Cult - The Symbol Remains
6) Battle Lessons - Damon Johnson & The Get Ready
7) Raise The Cain - Richie Kotzen
8) Troubles Coming - Royal Blood
9) The Wicked And The Cursed - The Cold Stares
10) Whisper A Prayer For The Dying - Coverdale/Page

The Noize Faktory - One For The Road
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The Noize Faktory - One For The Road - 7-16-21 

Hello my music loving miscreants! The Noize Faktory returns with a new issue of Max Alt Rock magazine, some great tunes, and a little tribute to Jeff LaBar and Gary Corbet who we lost this week.  Jeff was the long time guitarist for Cinderella, and he was only 58 years old, he was a man with a huge heart, and a great sense of humor, and his son Sebastian LaBar is a friend, and an incredible musician, my condolences go out to him and the entire family.  This one hit close to home, and definitely took a piece of my youth. Gary Corbet was also a member of the Cinderella family, as well as the Kiss family having toured as the keyboardist for both bands on several tours.  Gary was a multi-talented composer and player, and was well loved by all.

May their music live on forever.

The Playlist:

1) My Lucky Card - Billy Gibbons
2) Taking My Chances - Smith/Kotzen
3) Hail Mary - Alice Cooper
4) Seventh Heaven - Minefield
5) Heavy Shoes - The Cold Stares
6) Unaware - Shadow & The Thrill
7) She Came Like A Bat From Hell - Jerusalem
8) The Party - Cheap Trick
9) Still Climbing - Cinderella
10) One For The Road - Jeff LaBar

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