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Blackbird Entertainment, INC is a continually evolving company, born out of necessity, a
company to encompass all of the different ventures within the business that I wanted to
pursue, or have been asked to pursue.

As a touring veteran in the music world I’ve tour managed and done accounting for some
of the biggest names in the business, and I always tried to improve the culture, and
character of the touring organization, even when that may have been the last thing that a
client cared about. For myself, and the crew, I wanted the promoters and fans to leave
feeling good about having us back. I began this company after being asked to manage a
couple of artists, I’ve experimented with that role since 2006, working with John Corabi,
Brand New Sin, and my old friend Tony Cardenas-Montana who is responsible for
Shadow & The Thrill, and I’ve recently added the enigma that is Doomslide to that list. I
even co-created and co-produced The Monster Circus in Las Vegas, which has been
replicated time and time again, but never to the same caliber. Whether I was acting as
executive producer on an album, or consulting with a Russian Rock Ballet, I maintained
my honest and straightforward approach to all elements of a project.

I had long wanted to use my history in radio again, and Slash gave me the chance to host
his iHeart radio station in 2011 and 2012. It was a great success, and I launched a pirate
radio show soon after called The Noize Faktory. It gave me a chance to share new rock
music of all niches with people that I knew were looking, as there were very few if any
outlets for fans to hear new rock bands, or even new music from the bands that they love.
The Noize Faktory has returned after a few year hiatus, thanks to my friends at Max Alt
Rock Magazine, a new industry trade that saw the same disparaging gap that I did.
Hand in hand with my desire to continue to find an outlet for The Noize Faktory comes
another aspect of my company, which is a more personal venture, voiceover. After years
of putting it on the back burner I have started this adventure as a voiceover performer.
You can hear some samples on the voiceover page of this site, and this is something that I
hope carries me forward for the remainder of my life.

My real long term goal, and the thing that I get the most joy from is to connect people in
all walks of this business, honest, hard working people that I feel could benefit from
knowing each other, and working together. I’ve gotten to introduce great people behind
the scenes in the business, and some more recognized ones too. Such as Jimmie “Bones”
Trombly from Kid Rock’s band to Tony Cardenas-Montana for a track on the Shadow &
The Thrill album (and to Doomslide where Jimmie is featured on two tracks), or playing
a direct role in getting Slash involved with guitar legend Leslie West for a couple of
tracks on one of Leslie’s records, and you can even blame me for introducing and
connecting Billy F. Gibbons with Nickelback for the track “Rockstar”. I had no idea that
leaving Nickelback to go to work for ZZ Top for 5 years would lead to something like
that! I apologize for nothing!

I’ve been blessed to work with some great people in every aspect of this business.
Blackbird fills the role that is needed for a particular job or situation, I want to be a team
member, each scenario is different, and when I make a commitment to a job, I do that job
and that role to the best of my ability, and to the ability of the network that I have built.
Trust and character are the most important aspects of what I do, and how I run this little



Entertainment, INC

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