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Episode 65 – You Can’t Imagine What Your Image Means

Hello my fellow music lovers! This week we have a challenge for you, or maybe just a great new band to share with you. You have heard me play music from the Swedish band Bad Barber now for some time. These guys have a great self financed debut record out on iTunes around the world, and they are releasing new songs even now. They are doing all of this independently, no label, no management.

I am going to share a bunch of their tunes with you tonight, throughout the show, and if any of you listening can take the time to share the music with another friend, and another, hopefully someone will have a little pull at a great record label, that hears what we all hear. Let’s get Bad Barber a record deal! I debut two brand new songs this week, along with some of my favorites from their album entitled Courtnay Cox And Rock And Roll.

Hour 1 – Van Halen opens the show this week with one of my favorites from the classic 1984 album, followed by a little UFO, and the first track from Bad Barber. I have some tunes from Tesla from their new CD, Ugly Kid Joe, ELO, and more new music from Wolfmother, and the debut of a new song from Slash’s new CD called “The Unholy”. Bad Barber has 3 tunes in this hour.

Hour 2 – We start the hour with a brand new song, something that Classic Rock Magazine chose for Track of the Week last week, its a debut on radio of Bad Barber’s new single “The Blame Game”. This one is amazing! I also have some great songs from Radio Moscow, The Temperance Movement, Steve Marriott, Montrose, Jeff Labar, and W.A.S.P. mixed in this hour. We close the show with a couple more songs from our Swedish friends, including another new one that you can find on iTunes now called “Gotta Get It On”.

Let’s try and make some noise for these guys and find them a label!

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