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Episode 64 – Albums That Stuck With Me

I decided to focus on a list that worked within the scope of the Noize Faktory, there were many that would be on my list that don’t really fit the show, like Hot Rocks from the Stones, or Abbey Road from The Beatles, and many more.  But for this list I picked 10 albums that do work, and I chose a song from each of them for the second hour of the show.  I threw in a few tunes from albums that I think would be added to this list in the future for hour 1, along with some other kick ass songs.

The 10 Albums That Stuck With Me:

1) Toys In The Attic – Aerosmith 2) Burn – Deep Purple 3) Mountain – Leslie West 4) Union – Union 5) Slash – Slash 6) Pressure & Time – Rival Sons 7) Love At First Sting – The Scorpions 8) Whitesnake – Whitesnake 9) Heaven & Hell – Black Sabbath 10) Lick It Up – Kiss

Tracks and stories about each of these albums fill hour 2, so take a listen and send me your comments.  Everyone will feel differently about it, but I have my reasons for picking these, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Enjoy! And thanks for the challenge Lee!

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