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The Noize Faktory – Episode 4 – The Time Slips Away

Back again with another episode of The Noize Faktory, this week I catch us up on a few things that we have missed over the last few years, and I have a couple of tracks from albums that were lost to time, and that you truly need to give another listen to! 

This show is for all of us that need something different to drowned out the noise around us. Music has always been that for me, it is also something that has given me focus and drive from the time that I was a kid. I’ve gone through stages of utter disinterest, my tastes were not being satisfied, my interests were not being peaked. This show allowed me to share the things that I found as I dug for new things to listen to, I hope that I turn you on to some albums and bands that you may have missed along the way.

The Playlist:

1) Made For The Age – The Heavy Eyes – Love Like Machines

2) Denim Danger – Monster Truck – True Rockers

3) Driftin’ – Radio Moscow – New Beginnings

4) Caught In The Middle – The Temperance Movement – A Deeper Cut

5) Shine – Union – The Blue Room

6) Blackberry Way – Cheap Trick – We’re All Alright!

7) Walk The Earth – Europe – Walk The Earth

8) Demons In My Mind – Cadaver – For The Dead Travel Fast

9) Mouths Of Madness – Orchid – Mouths Of Madness

10) Freelance Fiend – Lead Hound – Growers Of Mushrooms

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