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The Noize Faktory – Episode 3 – From The Blues To The Deepest Depths Of Doom

My friends I implore you, share this show with people that love good music.  Share this show with people that need to love good music.  Share this show with people that think that Bob Costas is a pompous ass!  🙂

I’m back bringing the good news or Rock N’ Roll with me!  We have some brand new treasures this week for you, as well as a couple of truly overlooked gems from the years gone by.  I know that at least a couple of them will have a powerful impact on you, I have seen it!

This weeks playlist:

1) The Blue Pills – Low Road – Holy Moly

2) The Skull – The Longing – The Endless Road Turns Dark

3) Tom Keifer – The Death Of Me – Rise

4) The Cold Stares – Any Way The Wind Blows – Ways

5) Deep Purple – The Power Of The Moon – Whoosh!

6) UFO – Venus – Walk On Water

7) Tony Montana – One By One (Bring In The Rain) – The Tombstone Shuffle

8) Vandenberg – Skyfall – 2020

9) Ugly Kid Joe – She’s Already Gone – Uglier Than They Used To Be

10) Sir Lord Baltimore – Lady Of Fire – Kingdom Come

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