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Thank You Tony Cardenas-Montana For Being The First Artist Feature On The Noize Faktory

Well we are getting ready for the next episode of the Noize Faktory to go up on Friday, and I wanted to thank Tony for being our first Artist Feature.  The interview and the show got a great response, and you all got to hear some incredible and diverse music that Tony has been a part of over the years.  We close the show with the Tony penned “Call It Rock N’ Roll” from Great White’s Hooked album, and so here is the video to close out the week of posts that have gone along with the show.  You will hear much more from Tony on future episodes of the Noize Faktory, and you should check out the upcoming Kiss tribute CD, A World With Heroes, which is coming out through Pledge Music. Tony and Chris Buck do an incredible version of “Sure Know Something”.

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