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Scorpion Child – “Liquor”

My pick of the week is a new band from Austin, TX, don’t be afraid, they aren’t a hipster band, they are a powerhouse rock band called Scorpion Child.  Their debut CD is out on Nuclear Blast Records, and it will not disappoint.  I found the band via Amazon, they recomended it to me based on my vast collection of incredible music (this may be slightly sarcastic).  The album features 10 tracks, and there is a bonus track on itunes as well.  You will be hearing a lot of these guys on upcoming shows, but this week we debut the band with the song “Liquor”.  I have attached the official lyric video for your viewing pleasure, and you can check out hour 3 of this weeks Noize Faktory to hear the track at the top of the hour.

Go get this CD!


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