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Kiss – “Love Her All I Can”

The song that this new episode gets its title from is Kiss’ “Love Her All I Can”, from their 3rd LP Dressed To Kill.  This is one of those fun album tracks that Kiss fans have carried with them since 1975.  Anthrax did a great cover of this song, featuring Gene and Paul singing the harmonies during the verses during the Sound Of White Noise sessions, you could find it as a b-side to their single “Black Lodge”.

This is a song that dates back to Gene and Paul’s pre-Kiss days, from their band Wicked Lester.  Wicked Lester recorded a full length LP that was never officially released.  Thanks to the internet and YouTube most of the material that was on that album can be found online.

Here is Wicked Lester’s version of what became a Kiss album classic, “Love Her All I Can”.

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