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Episode 8 – There’s A Rule You’ll Find…Only The Strong Survive


I want to thank all the new followers for checking out the Todd Kerns episode last week, and for those of you that are coming back, here is what the Noize Faktory is all about week to week!  The best rock and roll anywhere!   Fans of Todd’s will definitely enjoy this show on a regular basis, and you guys should dig into the archives for some more great stuff from past episodes.

Hour 1 features new tracks from Black Star Riders, Monster Truck’s new epic “For The Sun”, and the debut of brand new Queensryche!  The self titled CD is out now, and for those long time Queensryche fans you will not be disappointed.  We also have some great songs from UFO, King’s X, Blue Murder, and a special dedication to one of friends from the road!

Hour 2 has a couple of new tracks from Tom Keifer and Black Sabbath, and some lost classics from Tommy Bolin and the Scorpions.  I also threw in a great live track from Paul Stanley on his 2006 solo tour, a killer version of the Kiss track “Magic Touch”.

Hour 3 starts out with one of my favorite Blue Oyster Cult tracks “Take Me Away”, you may not know it, but you should!  We have a couple more new tracks for you from the Winery Dogs and The Cult, and some cool covers from Leslie West, Pat Travers, and Tesla.

Three great hours of rock with bands from the 60’s to today!  Enjoy, and leave your comments with me at, and if you want to be in the next show email me an audio file with your comments or requests in MP3 format!

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