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Episode 58 – Still Alive & Well


This weeks show is a tribute to Johnny Winter, 2 hours of amazing recordings, live and studio, including a cut from his yet to be released album Step Back, which features guest appearances from Ben Harper, Eric Clapton, Paul Nelson, Brian Setzer, Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Ricci, Leslie West, Joe Perry, and Dr. John.

I hope that this show is something that everyone can enjoy, whether you are new to Johnny Winter, or a life long fan.  I leant heavily on the 70’s era stuff, and didn’t even scratch the surface of Johnny’s recordings.  Sit back and enjoy the music.  A man that survived more than most people could ever dream of enduring, and a musician whose talent is hard to match.

Thank you Johnny Winter for all the music, and even though you have left us, your music ensures you are “Still Alive & Well”.

1) Rollin’ Cross Country 2) Let It Bleed 3) Highway 61 Revisted 4) Be Careful With A Fool 5) Riot In A Cell Block #9 6) Come On In My Kitchen 7) Can’t Hold Out (featuring Ben Harper) 8) Rock Me Baby 9) Stone County 10) Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo 11) Busted, Disgusted, Or Dead – Leslie West Feat. Johnny Winter 12) Its’ My Own Fault – Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield Feat. Johnny Winter 13) Got My Mojo Workin – Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, & James Cotton 14) Johnny B. Goode 15) Maybellene 16) Thirty Days 17) All Tore Down 18) Prodigal Son 19) Guess I’ll Go Away 20) Still Alive & Well

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