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Episode 57 – It Wouldn’t Pain Me More To Bury You Rich

Here we are again my loyal minions!   This time joined on a mission to rid the televised world of the evil that is Bob Costas!   He’s like a rock star on a soap box!  Like a high school drop out that wants to tell you how to run your life.  Phooey on him!

Hour 1 – The show opens big this week with Soundgarden, and the song that was the long time theme to the Headbangers Ball, followed up by a little COC, and Trouble!  A powerhouse block if there ever was one.  The hour also features new tunes from Rival Sons, Tesla, a badass cover by the girls in Honey, and a live nugget from the Winery Dogs.  There are a few more tasty bits mixed in from Aerosmith, Coverdale/Page, and Alice Cooper as well.

Hour 2 – The second hour starts out funky this week with Corey Glover doing a funked out version of Deep Purple’s “Burn”, a little Faith No More, and a killer groove from Ugly Kid Joe.  They I dig into The Cult, Def Leppard, and even some Dokken just to make you feel good.  The show wraps up with a block that features the Dirty Streets, Union, The Treatment, and a big nasty track from a new band called The Bloody Hammers called “What’s Haunting You?”

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