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Episode 52 – A New Life Starts Today

Please stand for a moment of silence, as we look back on a full year of Noize Faktory goodness.  OK, enough of that!

Hour 1 – Monster Truck opens the show this week with “The Lion”.  If you are in Canada watch for these guys playing some festivals in the coming months, celebrate your heroes Canada!  Eh!  This hour also features the debut of a new tune from Tesla, their new CD comes out June 10, called SIMPLICITY, and it sounds like the Tesla of old, which I absolutely love.  More new songs from Alice In Chains, English Thorn, Vanderberg’s Moonkings, and a great new track from California Breed who just performed their first show in LA this past week.  Go and get this album!

Hour 2 – The Scorpions start off the hour with a cover of “Temple Of The King”, which is featured on the new Ronnie James Dio Tribute album, THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  The Scorps sound great handling this Rainbow classic.  This hour has new tunes from Andrew Stockdale, Bad Barber, Earl Greyhound, and Deep Purple.  I also mix in some classics from Blue Oyster Cult, Clutch, Cheap Trick, Montrose, and a really rare little tribute to ZZ Top by Badlands Bassist Greg Chaisson.  Its a tune called “Wat-Cha-Go-Na-Du”, its full of ZZ titles and characters, and a bad ass guitar riff that the Rev Willy would be proud of.

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