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Episode 48 – The Ignorance Of Youth, The Pawns Of Corporate Greed

The Noize Faktory soldiers on, through complete silliness around the globe.  Democrats, Republicans, James Kottak, out of court settlements between former band members!  Outrageous!  You’ll hear about it here, from your online home of everything rock!  The NOIZE FAKTORY!

Hour 1 – Queensryche open the show, the battle over the name is finally over.  The Scorpions round out the opening block, while drummer James Kottak spends a month in a UAE prison for drinking without a license!  Shocking!  Who knows what really happened, but its not a place that I would want to be.  New music from Kyng, Monster Truck, Black Sabbath, and The Answer are featured in this hour, along with classic tracks from BBM, Deep Purple, and Kiss!

Hour 2 – Metallica starts off the hour with their 9 minute tribute to Dio and the Rainbow years, with a medley of classics entitled “Ronnie Rising”.  I have some new tunes from California Breed, whose new album is out this month, and the Rival Sons whose album drops this month as well, along with tracks from The Treatment, Kadavr, and the man himself, Mr. Leslie West, the master of tone.  I mix in some Motley Crue, Skid Row, Orchid, and Alice Cooper for fun as well.

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