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Episode 46 – I Got The Fire

This week, I just took the title of the opening song of this show, Montrose’s “I Got The Fire”, killer riff, pretty good vocalist, and a badass rhythm section.  The original Montrose, from the 2nd album, not quite as strong as the classic first, but it did have some great tracks.

Hour 1 is solid rock, as you have come to expect from The Noize Faktory, your online home for everything rock!  A little tip of the hat to AC/DC who have been all over the rumor mill recently, and big love to Mr. Karl Cochran, an incredible guitarist / vocalist who has worked with Ace Frehley and Joe Lynn Turner among others, and the man behind one of my favorite records Voodooland.  Karl recently suffered a stroke, and is in recovery now.  The man is a hugely talented guitarist, and if you don’t know him, you need to discover his work.  Head over to and send your love and prayers.  We wish you a speedy recovery Karl.

This hour also features new tunes from California Breed, Vandenberg’s MoonKings, The Answer, and the 2nd tune from The Rival Sons’ GREAT WESTERN VALKERIE.

Hour 2 is all cover songs!  Went deep into some of my collection for some of these, lots of great artists with their takes on some of their favorite tunes.  We have Jake E. Lee, Little Ceasar, Tony Montana & Chris Buck, Queensryche, Sebastian Bach, Dave Rude, The Treatment, Pat Travers, Shannon Curfman, and Motley Crue.  This was a fun hour, hope that you enjoy it!

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