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Episode 45 – Loving Every Second, Every Moment, Every Scream

Hello again my loyal minions, my army of musical maniacs, etc, etc.  It is time for another installment of the Noize Faktory, your online home for everything rock!

We have some great new tunes for this week, including debuts from The Treatment, Massive, and Vandenberg’s Moonkings.

Hour 1 opens with the king of shock, Mr. Alice Cooper, and his over the top opener from the Billion Dollar Babies album, “Hello Hooray”.  Queen keeps things moving along, and Leslie West, the man, the legend rounds out the opening block.  The new songs start flowing with The Treatment, and a song from their new CD RUNNING WITH THE DOGS, with perhaps one of the greatest titles I have heard in ages, “Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil”.  Love it!  Our friends in Monster Truck, Cage The Gods, California Breed, Oliva, and a debut from the new band Massive round out the hour.

Hour 2 continues with the Kiss Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame talk, they have been everywhere, and this weekend is the ceremony.  Wouldn’t it be just like Kiss to lead up to this event, which they have been denied all these years, with strife and fighting, and end up performing with all the living members of the band?  I would love to see it happen, who knows, but its definitely a great “up yours” to the Hall and Rolling Stone magazine who have waited 40 years for the band to be on the cover!  Adrian Vanderberg returns to music with his new band The Moonkings, and the track I have for you rocks, its called “Close To You”, there is a definite Whitesnake/Dio vibe about the band, and I like it!  The hour also features music from Nazareth, Black Sabbath, Heart, Dead Daisies, Stone Machine, Rival Sons, Dirty Streets, and Free Fall.

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