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Episode 44 – I’m Gonna Set You Free

Hello all, I think you might enjoy this weeks episode, its all over the place as far as music goes, but what else would you expect from your online home of the rock!  Or from a guy who is seldom in one place for more than two days.  I recorded this show in blustery Niagara Falls, and am now sitting in Atlantic City.  Always on the move.

Hour 1 – No artist causes more conversation and controversy then Uncle Ted!  So why not start the show off with his classic “Snakeskin Cowboys”?  There is no denying that he and Derek St. Holmes wrote some great stuff together.  This first hour has new music, and a first time ever play on the Noize Faktory from Winger, yes Winger!  Recently making the top 5 on a list of musicians that you would never think were actually musical geniuses these players are finally getting a little bit of their due.  Not only are they great players, but the couple of guys from the band that I have had some dealings with are incredibly gracious and hysterical!  Take a listen, I think you might be impressed.  Sebastian Bach has a new record coming out soon as well, and we debut the first track from it called “Temptation” in this hour as well.  I am really liking this one, he has some great co-writers and guests on this record, and this first track rocks.  The hour is full of songs from Year Long Disaster, Slash’s Snakepit, COC, Stone Machine, The Answer, Black Star Riders, and Shannon Curfman as well.

Hour 2 – I start this hour off with another band that I have never played on the show, Stryper!  Yes I know, many of you are probably thinking I have lost my mind, but give it a listen.  They have a new record out called NO MORE HELL TO PAY, and they do a rocked out cover of the Doobie Brothers’ classic “Jesus Is Just Alright”.  Very well done!  Later in the hour I debut a new band from the UK that I recently stumbled upon called Cage The Gods.  These guys are pretty powerful, and the track I play for you is called “Bruce Willis”.  I also play some tunes from my Swedish friends in Bad Barber, Blue Oyster Cult, Chris Buck & Tony Montana, Clutch (thanks to my friend Mark for finally opening my eyes to this incredible band), Blue Murder (dedicated to Mr. Myles Kennedy), Europe, and Queensryche.  I close the show with a track from Tesla’s debut record (Niagara Falls is the home of the Nikola Tesla museum, go check it out!) so I thought that “Before My Eyes” was a good way to wrap things up!


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