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Episode 41 – I Could Live My Life Alot Better Than I Think I Am

Hello my find feathered finks!  We had a couple of set backs this week.  Very sad to hear of the passing of Harold Ramis of Ghostbusters fame among so many others.  He was an integral part of many of our childhoods and formative years and he will be missed!  “Do not cross the streams, it would be incredibly bad.”

Also we lost an incredible singer this past week, Mr. Kelly Holland of Cry Of Love.  He was only 52 years old, he will be missed, and we will continue to share his music with you all, because the little work that he gave us was something to be cherished.

Hour 1 – We kick the show off with Rush, and “Working Man”.  It is my theme song as of late, perhaps it has been for a while, but I was in the mood for this one, so here it is.  We have Skid Row, WASP, Cry Of Love, The Dirty Streets, James Gang, Kadavar, some 70’s Scorpions, and even some Amboy Dukes this hour!

Check out Leslie West on this weeks episode of That Metal Show, along with Mick Jones of Foreigner.  We close the hour with a track featuring both of them from The Leslie West Band, “Don’t Burn Me”.

Hour 2 – Jake E. Lee and The Red Dragon Cartel start us off, along with some Queensryche and Winery Dogs.  Scorpion Child, Sabbath, and some rarely heard Kiss stretch across the middle of the hour, and we have a track from Mach 22, Probot featuring Trouble’s Eric Wagner, Walking Papers, and the show closes with an epic track from Year Long Disaster called “Swan On Black Lake”.

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