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Episode 23 – Howling In The Shadow Until We Start To Bite

So its about 13 days early, but Happy Halloween everyone!  This weeks episode is a little tip of the hat to Halloween and all the rock n’ roll monsters in your closets.  It is also a tip of the hat to Kiss’ 1982 classic CREATURES OF THE NIGHT.  Fitting, right?

Hour 1 – We open the show with the track “Creatures of The Night”, the first of a few songs from this record that you will hear this evening, and a great way to remember the late Eric Carr, his thunderous drum sound on this album was like nothing you had ever heard before.  I play you guys are rare track from Billy Idol, something new from The Cult, one of Cheap Trick’s most underated tracks, a little something from the Swedes in the band Graveyard, and we close the hour with a Trapeze classic redone by Black Country Communion.

Hour 2 – Kiss’ “War Machine” starts the hour, followed with a Halloween classic, “Monster Mash” done by the band Utter Lunacy.  We also have a block of songs that feature Vincent Price, or are named for him, and to close the hour we “Whisper A Prayer For The Dying” from Coverdale/Page.

Hour 3 – The last track from CREATURES OF THE NIGHT that we play this week is “Saint And Sinner”.  Did I mention how much I love that record?  I also packed this hour with some great songs from Motley Crue, Fastway, Black Sabbath, The James Gang, Edgar Winter, Golden Earring, Queensrych, TSO and we finish in grand form with the thirteen minute epic “Halloween” by Helloween!  Very Metal!

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