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Episode 18 – Children Get Together, You Can Save Us All

Welcome to Episode 18 of The Noize Faktory! We are almost to 20 episodes, that is amazing! The reach is growing, more bands are starting to hear about the show because of you the listeners, and I thank you for that.

Hour 1 – We start the show in grand rock and roll fashion with Black Sabbath’s “Never Say Die”. They have just completed their tour of the US supporting their new CD, 13, and are on a little break before continuing overseas. I have some new tracks from Scorpion Child, Orchid, and Tom Keifer in this hour as well, and a new song from a band called Walking Papers that features Duff McKagan and Barett Martin. I wrap the hour in glam rarities from Vandenberg and the Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

Hour 2 – UFO starts the hour with a great track from WALK ON WATER, and the Tygers Of Pan Tang even make an appearance. Some new music from Todd Kerns, a cool acoustic arrangement of one of Tesla’s big hits, and a song from a lesser known American act called Moreland & Arbuckle. Savatage is included in this hour with a track that was meant for the Streets album, but was cut because the album ran long, and we close the hour with another request and dedication to a fan that the show turned on to Richie Kotzen.

Hour 3 – Since I am doing this show from Atlanta this week I had to play some more StoneRider, who are from here. This hour is all over the place, Van Halen, Ten Years After, Judas Priest, Monster Truck, Pat Travers, and Steppenwolf to name a few. I have a new track from a young band called The Dirty Streets who are out of Memphis, and I close the show with an amazing song form my friend Tony Montana called “One By One (Bring In The Rain)”. I think you guys will really love that track, enjoy the show and thanks for tuning in.

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