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Deep Purple Return With A New CD, And Bob Ezrin Producing

I have been a long time fan of Deep Purple, I have enjoyed music from just about every Mark lineup that they have had.  I do admit though that I haven’t been a huge fan of the last few CD’s, I think the addition of Don Airey in light of Jon Lord’s retirement was a logical choice, but I felt that the songs suffered without Jon’s guidance after listening to the records he was absent from.  That’s not to say that there weren’t some true highlights on those releases, but overall the albums were not as strong in my opinion.

I feel that Now What?!, the new CD from Deep Purple is a great return to form for the band responsible for some many classic albums.  Bob Ezrin’s involvement has produced a sonically brilliant album, and I think that Bob’s musical approach helped with the crafting of songs.  Purple was always a song band, although they claim that they were not on the interview DVD that comes along with the new album.

Denial or not, they have too many great songs in their catalog for them to not be a “song” band.  If you are a Purple fan, or if you like what you do know from the band, I think that Now What?! is CD worth your time, and money.

Here is the video, YES!! Deep Purple made a video, for the song “Vincent Price” off of Now What?!.  Check it out.

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