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The Noize Faktory – Episode 1 – The Reboot

The Noize Faktory – Episode 1 – The Reboot

Welcome to a new beginning for The Noize Faktory!  Thank you to the guys at Max Alt Rock for giving me a new way of sharing the best of new Rock music with you.  I started this show about 8 years ago as a way to share the music I loved with friends and strangers because radio seemed to have a void for new rock bands.  I am carrying that on today as we re-start The Noize Faktory, and I’m making sure to include some tracks from some of the records that I love that may have been lost to time.

Episode 1 – The Reboot

1) Wolfmother – Higher – Rock And Roll Baby

2) Crobot – Low Life – Motherbrain

3) Toque – Never Enough (For You) – Never Enough

4) Taddy Porter – Mamma – Big Wheel

5) Shadow & The Thrill – Just Enough – Sugarbowl

6) Dirty Honey – In The Line Of Fire – Something To Believe In

7) The Cold Stares – Don’t Waste Time With Goodbye

8) Monster Truck – For The People – Sittin’ Heavy

9) The Heavy Eyes – Hand Of Bear – Love Like Machines

10) Slave To The System – Stigmata – Slave To The System

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