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The Noize Factory – Episode 7 – Cover Hour

I think you will recognize all of the songs, and you will probably even remember some of these tracks from years passed, and the hour will fly by! Let me know what your favorite cover in the show is on the Facebook page, and give me some tips on your favorites for future shows!

Hello my amazing friends and listeners! This week I wanted to have a little fun, and I decided to do a full hour of cover songs for you. There are quite a few out right now, so I thought let’s go back in a time a bit, and take a listen to some covers from the years passed. There are a many great ones. I stayed away from tribute records mostly on this, I wanted to go for covers that bands made their own, one way or another.

The Playlist:

1) Masters Of War – Mountain Feat. Ozzy Osbourne – Masters Of War 2) The Chain – Taking Dawn – Time To Burn 3) Chain Of Fools – Little Ceasar – Little Ceasar 4) Fire And Rain – Badlands – Voodoo Highway 5) Get Ready – Mach 22 – Like My Chances 6) Somebody To Love – W.A.S.P. – Still Not Black Enough 7) Drive – Scorpions – Acoustica 8) Day Tripper – Whitesnake – Trouble 9) Midnight Moses – The Dead Daisies – Revolucion 10) 99 Problems – Hugo – Old Tyme Religion

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