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The Noize Faktory Returns

Hello everyone, I am back from my extended break and I am bringing the Noize Faktory back for your listening pleasure.  I have trimmed the shows down to a single hour, and we are giving you two options for listening, you can stream them like you did in the past, or you can download the file so you can listen to the show on your phone, or in your car, or on a run, or where ever you want to listen.

I don’t know how long that will last, but I want people to hear the music that I love, especially the new albums that you should go out and buy.  I am going to focus much more on new material, there will be some lost classics thrown in for good measure, but there is so much new rock music that most people are not aware of, and a lot of it is really good.

New bands and old bands are making records that are worthy of being added to your collections, and worthy of becoming some of your favorites.

I think of this show as a mix tape.  Each week I am going to share with you ten tracks that come from albums that you should be checking out if you are a rock fan.  You may not love them all, but I am going to try and play you as much great stuff as I can, and expose you to as much new rock as I possibly can, so that you can get away from all the pop garbage that is being forced down your throats.  I’m over it, aren’t you?

So if you hear something on the show that you like, make sure that you go and check out the bands and records.  Send me your feedback, leave comments on the Facebook page, and if there are bands that I need to check out too, please let me know!  I can’t always find them all on my own.  I look forward to sharing this music with you, and I really look forward to you guys sharing some other new stuff with me!

This Weeks Playlist:

1) Don’t Tell Me How To Live – Monster Truck 2) Lord Of The Sky – Kadavar 3) She’s Already Gone – Ugly Kid Joe 4) Ready For The Fall – Screaming Eagles 5) Tears Like Diamonds – The Sword 6) Captain Love – Winery Dogs 7) Last Runaway – W.A.S.P. 8) Sign Of The Witch – Orchid 9) Guardian – Queensryche 10) Make The Best Of It – The Dead Daisies

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