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The Noize Faktory – Hour 31

Hello my friends, I hope that you have survived the week, and not fallen into a zombie state by the bombardment of obnoxiousness surrounding us in the world.  Don’t let them kill your spirit, or make you think that they are working for you.  Turn up the music, and drown out the monotony of pessimism!

Remember the Noize Faktory kills zombies dead!  Don’t let the sheep ruin your bubble!

The Playlist:

1) I’ll Do Happiness – Joe Perry & Terry Reid 2) Born To Die – Black Stone Cherry 3) Make Amends – Red Sky Mary 4) Sleeping Dogs – Zakk Wylde 5) Money – The Delta Riggs 6) No Love Lost – The Cult 7) Rock And Roll Hell – Ace Freely 8) Straight Through The Heart – Halestorm 9) Refugee – The New Roses 10) Don’t Make Me Happy – Deep Purple

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