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The Noize Faktory – Hour 27

Hello my friends, minions, and rock and roll junkies!

The Noize Faktory rolls on!  I have a debut for you from a band out of Germany called the New Roses, I think you will like this one.  I also continue to plunder the internet and the research department of Classic Rock Magazine for new music to bring to you, as well as some great tracks that you may not remember from the past.

I hope that you enjoy, and remember, listen to the Noize Faktory loud, share it with your friends, it kills Zombies!

The Playlist:

1) Stolen Dreams – Kadavar 2) Hole – Royal Blood 3) To The Flame – Monster Truck 4) Dead Man’s Voice – The New Roses 5) You And I (Acoustic) – Voodooland 6) We Are One – The Winery Dogs 7) Elevator Operator – StoneRider 8) Your Light – Scorpions 9) Sharpshooter – Whitford/St. Holmes 10) The Dreamthieves – The Sword

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