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The Noize Faktory – Hour 26

The music rolls on…..or does it?  It seems lately that, as we lose legendary performers by death, or through retirement that the future is getting bleaker and bleaker for rock and roll.  But that may not be the case.  We may have a chance right now, as you explore the depths of some of our lost legends catalogs, to find the next band or performer that will impact your musical world.

The Noize Faktory is all about helping you dig into those stockpiles of new artists, and bands, and find something that moves you.  We have some good ones this week, I hope that you enjoy this one.  Remember rock and roll kills the zombie mentality, if you are feeling a bit stagnant, or just wishy washy, its time to listen to the Doctor, and get your shot full of Rock!

The Playlist:

1) Karma Go – Voodoo Hill 2) Rip It Out – Brian Tichy 3) Killer – Alice Cooper 4) Tied Up – Rival Sons 5) One Breath Away – Billy Idol 6) Summer Fires – Furr 7) Mountain High – Rbi 8) Lonely Sunday – Reignwolf 9) Midnight Gypsy – Stone Machine 10) Saviours Of The Blind – Orchid

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