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The Noize Faktory Hour 25

Hello my friends, and welcome back for another episode of the Noize Faktory.  I truly appreciate your support, and the comments and messages you have been sending over.  Please don’t forget to share the link on your pages if you are enjoying the show.

This week we focus on some of the newer bands that have just been dropping their debut albums and EP’s on us.  I also have some new music from Ace Frehley, along with some recent performances from some of my favorite guitarists Leslie West and John Norum, and a track from Deep Purple’s Purpendicular album, something that you check out if you are a Purple fan.

The Playlist:

1) Animals – Tax The Heat 2) Sweet Baby Death – Mojo Wizard 3) Littlefinger – The Heavy Eyes 4) Till The End Of The Day – Ace Frehley 5) South Of The City – Red Sky Mary 6) Think Twice – Dirty Streets 7) One More Drink For The Road – Leslie West 8) When Darkness Falls – John Norum 9) Crazy – Jared James Nichols 10) Loosen My Strings – Deep Purple

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