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The Noize Faktory Hour 23

Well another week has passed, and we have witnessed more truly deplorable behavior in the news.  No matter what side of the issues you fall on, attacking innocent people, and attempting to silence free speech should truly bother you.  This kind of idiot behavior has to stop.  Funny enough, this kind of thing actually makes more people attract to the ones attempting to be stifled, so its very counter productive, but I wouldn’t expect the people a party to that to understand, they clearly are not smart enough to grasp that concept.

In good news, the Rock Hall Of Fame aired its induction ceremony this past weekend on HBO, with the edited Steve Miller speech.  Unfortunate, more censorship, but some of the performances were great.  In my opinion Cheap Trick stole the show as far as performances went, with Chicago a close second.  One of my favorite bands Deep Purple was finally inducted, kind of, with the glaring omissions of a few members, and the absence of the late Jon Lord, and legendary Blackmore.  They have continued to make great albums, but I thought that Ian Gillan struggled live, which was hard for me to watch, but the band rocked.  I was very happy to see Coverdale and Hughes be included, and it was nice that they got up for the jam with Cheap Trick at the end.  The Cheap Trick performance was loud, noisy, off the wall, and powerful as you would expect, and they have an incredible new album out called Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello! that you should all give a listen.  Chicago was slighted by the Hall as well, only inducting the original line up, ignoring guys that have been with them since the mid-eighties, and were part of some big hits, but their performance was great.  And I have to say that Kid Rock gave one of the best induction speeches in Rock Hall history for Cheap Trick!  Well done!

Now on to the music, remember play it loud!

The Playlist:

1) Lost Our Way – Tax The Heat 2) Plain – Dirty Streets 3) Joni Me & Willie D – Bad Barber 4) A Pleasant Peace I Feel – The Temperance Movement 5) Last Days Of Summer – The Answer 6) War – Black Stone Cherry 7) Promises – Cage The Gods 8) Nothing Ever Changes – Ugly Kid Joe 9) Nowhere To Hide – Galactic Superlords 10) Breadfan – Budgie

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