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The Noize Faktory – Hour 20

Hello all of you loyal rock and rollers!  This was a big week for the world of rock music, Guns N’ Roses has reunited and their first three shows are under their belts.  The reviews are in, and even with a broken foot Axl and the boys delivered in a huge way.  Now they prepare for a big tour in the summer, and who will they be touring with?  Will they support the new scene of younger artists?  All we can do is wait and see!

In this weeks show I dig in a little to some of the earlier records released by some of my favorite new bands, and throw some brand new music at you from Monster Truck, Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley (with Slash), and now properly ordained Hall Of Famers, Cheap Trick!

1) Little Monster – Royal Blood 2) Shake The World – Love And A .38 3) Seven And Seven Is – Hollywood Vampires 4) She’s A Witch – Monster Truck 5) Leaving It All Behind – Orchid 6) Liquor – Scorpion Child 7) Emerald (Feat. Slash) Ace Frehley 8) Searchin’ – Slaughter 9) Before It Burns – Radio Moscow 10) Heart On The Line – Cheap Trick

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