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The Noize Faktory Hour 15

My friends, so much good music was bestowed on us last month, it almost makes me sad to February go, but the albums are here to stay, and for me to share with you!  Get your Amazon account ready!  Its time to shop!  Rock And Roll is thriving, and if you want to see these bands live, you have to buy the records!  That’s how a band builds a following, and how promoters learn that they can throw down some cash to get the band to your area, without you buying the records the live music scene dies.  It is an epidemic here in the US now, and a truly despicable one at that.

The Playlist:

1) Get It Started – RavenEye 2) Casseiopeia – Deaf Havana 3) The Other Side – The Answer 4) For The People – Monster Truck 5) Solid Ground – Tom Keifer 6) Give Me One Reason – Leslie West 7) Like My Chances – Mach 22 8) No Love Lost – The Cult 9) Hot Streak – The Winery Dogs 10) Battle Lines – The Temperance Movement

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