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The Noize Faktory Hour 14

As the world boils over in the streets, whether it be rank stupidity in politics, or people hating each other for reasons that they themselves are unclear on, there is the Noize Faktory to fill you with hope and inspire you to climb over the zombie infested bodies of those that would stop you from progressing to better your life and find strength and success.

Rock and Roll lives!  And its best served loud, the more people that you share this with, the more true hope that we have to surviving the ground swell of idiocy that has enveloped our world.

The Playlist:

1) Breakin’ All The Rules – Screaming Eagles

2) Speed Freak – Radio Moscow

3) When I See My Light – Dirty Streets

4) When The Sky Comes Looking For You – Moorhead

5) Are You Satisfied – Reignwolf

6) As Bas As I Am – Hollywood Vampires

7) Shapes – Whitford / St. Holmes

8) Never Give All Your Heart – Joe Bonamassa

9) Black Coffee – Rival Sons

10) Slaves Of The New World Order – W.A.S.P.

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