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The Noize Faktory Hour 13

The Noize Faktory returns to jumpstart your week!  Many of you may need an adrenaline shot after witnessing the musical travesty that was the Grammys.  I’m not sure why we put ourselves through that punishment, perhaps we are eternally hopeful that they will get it right once, and we will all be watching.

Alas…there were some visible efforts put in, but then again, the bad probably outweighed the good.  Although I was pleased to see Alabama Shakes get some recognition, and to see that the tributes that were put together to B.B. King, David Bowie, and Lemmy were done with class and style, and it was kind of cool to see the Hollywood Vampires bend the minds of the dimwits in the audience.  I’ll get into that a bit more in the show this week, TEASER!!!

The Playlist:

1) The Gift Of Music – Dream Theater 2) Hole In The Sky – Scorpion Child 3) The Well – Voodoo Hill 4) I Am The Fire – Halestorm 5) Electric Halo – Kyng 6) Under The Bottom – Ugly Kid Joe 7) Gypsy Caravan – Wolfmother 8) The Fool – The Heavy Eyes 9) Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin – Rob Zombie 10) Black Forest – Monster Truck

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