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The Noize Faktory – Hour 12

Hello to all of you fine, intelligent people!

I say this because I know that most of the people that listen to this show are of a higher intelligence, and the world needs us!  I have seen way too many incredulous things on the internet, and I know that none of you fine humans would be involved in anything like that.

It is important to remember that Rock And Roll is the voice of rebellion, it has been since its inception in the 1950’s.  Do not fall for the mass media hype, indoctrination, or blatant lies to back their agenda.  Their agenda along with the politicians is always to find new ways to control and squash the growth of hard working people.

The Playlist:

1) Into The Night – Kadavar 2) Ten Years – Oliva 3) John The Tiger – Orchid 4) Ricochet – Tesla 5) World Stand Still – Richards / Crane 6) Dust & Bone – Pat Travers 7) High Country – The Sword 8) Loose Change – Royal Blood 9) Toxic Rememdy – Queensryche 10) Burn – Whitesnake 11) Evil – The Dead Daisies

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