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The Noize Faktory – Episode 6

Hello 2016!  We say goodbye to 2015 with a tip of the hat to the legend Mr. Lemmy Kilmeister of Motorhead, and we bid Motley Crue a final farewell.  We welcome in 2016 by acknowledging some of the bands that had a great year in 2015, and we wish them continued success in 2016.

This is a big year my friends, many things will be decided about your future this year, and your childrens futures, hopefully we are all smart enough to not be sheep, and to see the real truth behind the nonsense that we are fed everyday.

Let Rock N’ Roll show you the power of truly thinking for yourself, and show you that being an outsider just means that you are smart enough to not be dragged down into the Zombie state of mind.

Down with the Kardashians in 2016, down with Bob Costas, and you know what, lets do away with Ryan Seacrest too!  If I never have to listen to that ass clown tell us how great One Direction is again it will be too soon!  It sickens me to see males on the NYE broadcast talking about how much they like that go awful group of tools.

Your Playlist for this week:

1) Stigmata – Slave To The System 2) Bow Down To The Blues – Screaming Eagles 3) Midnight Moses – The Dead Daisies 4) Less Than Perfect – Mach 22 5) Open My Eyes (Live At Juke Joint Studio) – Rival Sons 6) Comin’ Home – Whitesnake 7) Till The End – Moorhead 8) Rain Keeps Fallin’ – Kiss 9) You Are My Sunshine – Leslie West 10) Save Our Souls – Motley Crue

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