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The Noize Faktory – Episode 5


Be safe on New Years, and take the Noize Faktory with you where ever you go!

Thanks to my web designer Danny Dunn for all his continued hard work and support in the relaunch of the Noize Faktory, and if you get a chance, check out his band Hell Came Home. They are a great heavy band which some of you will love!

This Weeks Playlist is:

1) Dark Energy – The Cult 2) The Rat – Twenty Two Hundred 3) Breaking Out – RavenEye 4) Victorious – Wolfmother 5) Enemy – Ugly Kid Joe 6) Oblivion – The Winery Dogs 7) The Enforcer – Monster Truck 8) Love Like Blood – Year Long Disaster 9) Early Snow – The Sword 10) House Of The Rising Sun – Geordie

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