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The Noize Faktory – Episode 3

Another week has gone by, and so it is time for 10 more songs on this weeks mix tape.  The Noize Faktory is my little way of sharing new music with the world, songs that need to be heard, artists that need to be heard, and Rock And Roll that needs to flow through your veins!

In todays world of idiocy and mindlessness I give you the healing elixir of Rock And Roll!  While Bob Costas sits at home dancing to the latest Justin Bieber song, and The Kardasians contemplate which one of their lives to manipulate for the worlds viewing next, The Noize Faktory delivers you the slap in the head that you need to keep you alert, and avoid the zombie infection!

I suggest taking a dose at least once a day, twice on Sundays.  Listen in the car, listen in the gym, listen in the padded cell that I know some of you are in, it doesn’t matter, everyone can be saved!  There is a new episode each Monday, so you can keep listening over and over again.

Don’t forget to check out the past interviews on the show page at

Episode 3 Playlist:

1) MP3 – Tesla

2) Figure It Out – Royal Blood

3) 30 Years to Life

4) Electric Man

5) Tall Ships – Wolfmother

6) Show Me The Light – StoneRider

7) I Always Run – Pat Travers

8) These Days – Radio Moscow

9) Only Friend – The Temperance Movement

10) Rock N’ Roll Band – The Scorpions

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