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The Noize Faktory – Special Edition – with Guest Adrian McAleenan of The Screaming Eagle

Hello all of you faithful rock and rollers!  This week, thanks to the amazing technology of Skype, I have a special surprise for you all, an incredible interview with Adrian McAleenan, guitarist for The Screaming Eagles.

I have been playing these guys for you for some time now, and they are currently supporting their new album, Stand Up And Be Counted.  Adrian took some time out to visit with me and discuss the band, the new album, and where these guys got their start and inspiration.

I love the records that these guys are making, they stand out as one of the great new bands of this scene, and I hope that this show turns you into fans as well, if you aren’t already.

Go out and buy From The Flames and Stand Up And Be Counted, and be sure to see these guys live if they are in your area!

Enjoy, and thank you for all of your support and comments, and thank you Adrian McAleenan of The Screaming Eagles for stopping into the Noize Faktory, and supporting the show!

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