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The Noize Faktory – Hour 29

Hello my friends.

This new hour comes to you on the tails of a traumatic week, especially close to home for me.  We must not be afraid to call things as they are, we can not be forced into fear, because those that intend to harm others feed on that fear.  Fear to call things as it is, fear to stand up, and stop the madness from continuing because some talking head or corrupt politician says its not right.  Do not be fooled into believing that everyone understands or enjoys the freedoms that much of the world is given, and do not believe that those in power are going to take care of you, and make everything better.  Power corrupts, and infects even those with the best of intentions.

One of our, and by our, I mean humanities only hopes, and I sincerely believe this, is music.  And not that computer generated bullshit that force feed the masses.  The same people that control that are the ones that run your news networks, and continue to put the Kardashians on the airwaves, not to mention Bob Costas (that arrogant twit).  Real rock and roll, with real human emotion in its performance, real soul in its delivery, real feelings, whether it be happy, sad, anger, or passion, something that is truly made by other humans.  They don’t need to feel the same as you on every level, but the art just needs to speak to you.  This show is dedicated to those kind of musicians.

The Playlist:

1) Reaper’s Danse – Scorpion Child 2) I Don’t Need Nobody – Radio Moscow 3) Ready For The Fall – Screaming Eagles 4) Thundering Voices – Rival Sons 5) Wore Me Down – Rock N’ Roll Circus 6) The Great Divide 7) Another Man’s Shoes – Monster Truck 8) Thirsty – The New Roses 9) Celebrating Sinking – Ricky Warwick 10) River Child – Red Sky Mary

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