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The Noize Faktory – Hour 28

Well my friends I return with another hour long block of songs for you all to enjoy.  2016 seems to be a year of radical loss, radical behavior, contrived rebellion, and pure ignorance running rampant within the human species. Perhaps it was always there, and we just didn’t see it as much because we didn’t have social media, or a 24 hour news cycle.  Its important to be smarter than what you are fed by those that crave power, or hold power.  A few never have the best interests of the many in their mind, there is always an agenda.

This radio show is intended to be an escape from all of the nonsense.  It is meant to distract you from the pettiness, perhaps the loss that you may be feeling, and the most excellent part about it is that rock music at its very core teaches you to think for yourself.  To rise above, it is no coincidence that rock music has been pushed down, and the masses are being fed mindless computer generated nonsense that has succeeded in preaching conformity, and pushing agendas.

Just as the rumors that floated around for years that those in power feared Hendrix, Lennon, Morrison, and others, because they were became such icons, rock music as a whole became the target.  Something to think about, and I know that those that listen to this show still have the ability to think about things like this.  Conspiracy?  Absolutely not.

The Noize Faktory delivers you the truth!  Listen, and let it permeate through you.

The Playlist:

1) Shadow Shaker – The Heavy Eyes 2) Itchycoo Park – Hollywood Vampires 3) I’m Just A Man – Mach 22 4) Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother – Grand Funk Railroad 5) Fall Together – Aerosmith 6) Not Over You At All – Leslie West 7) Venus – UFO 8) Now She Knows She’s Wrong – Jellyfish 9) King Louie – Taddy Porter 10) Fed To The Lions – Tax The Heat

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