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The Noize Faktory – Hour 10

Hello my friends, we have some stellar news for you!  We are not alone in the fight against the zombie nation!  We have rock bands that seem to be feeling the same way, and we can see it in some of the new songs that they are laying on us right now!

I’m very exciting about this collection of songs and bands.  We have new music from Ricky Warwick, lead singer of Black Star Riders and formerly of The Almighty, we have a new one from The Temperance Movement, The Heavy Eyes, Tax The Heat, and Frankie McQueen.  But the bands that are leading the charge to kill off the lazy layabout lifestyle that is being pushed down our throats, and telling the masses to stand up and take their power back are Monster Truck and Black Stone Cherry, both of whom you will hear brand new songs from this week!

I love hearing this message in the lyrics of songs, because frankly no one has to work harder than a young band trying to make it in todays world.  Both bands have incredible work ethics, they have found success in spots around the globe, and they continue to work to break here in the United States, because instead of being the leaders, we have become mindless followers, and those in charge have killed off most rock radio in this country!  I demand that this oppression end!

Give Rock And Roll a voice, and lets crush this hand out, ignorant, sheep message that is being taught around the world!  And lets stand up for our individualism, and stampede over those that try to take it away from us!

The Playlist:

1) The Way Of The Future – Black Stone Cherry 2) All My Wheels – Brand New Sin 3) When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Gary Mitchell Sang The Blues) – Ricky Warwick 4) Get Yourself Free – The Temperance Movement 5) Old Saltillo Road – The Heavy Eyes 6) Some Sympathy – Tax The Heat 7) Things Get Better – Monster Truck 8) Mama Told Me – Frankie McQueen 9) Whiskey And Pills – Billy Idol 10) Stargazer – Rainbow

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