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Savatage – “Edge Of Thorns”

Here is a clip from the Tampa, Florida based band Savatage for the song “Edge Of Thorns”.  Savatage is often credited as a heavy influence on the Death Metal scene in Florida, their early recordings were thrashy and very dark lyrically.  In 1987 Paul O’neil signed on as their producer, and took the band in a new direction.  All their metal elements intact, he make them into what I have always referred to a Heavy Metal Queen type band, blending elements of classical into their heavy rock.  They later became what is now the Transiberian Orchestra. As a matter of fact, the Transiberian Orchestra’s first hit “Christmas Eve” was actually on the Savatage CD Dead Winter Dead first.

This was the first track that I ever heard from the band, and this was the last CD that founding guitarist Criss Oliva would be on.  He was killed by a drunk driver in 1993, and recently he has been getting the credit that he deserved as a guitarist.  His solos are some of the most fluid and musical pieces of music that you will find in the rock world.  I miss this band.


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