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Jon Oliva Returns With His First Solo Album RAISE THE CURTAIN

Jon Oliva is best known as the longtime frontman of Savatage, and later as the musical mastermind of TSO.  Since Savatage has gone on hiatus Jon has busied himself with several projects, including Jon Oliva’s Pain.  Pain featured riffs that Jon’s late brother Criss had left behind on tape over the years.  Jon dedicated the Pain project and his projects after Savatage to be a conduit to release all of the music that he and Criss had left unfinished.  RAISE THE CURTAIN is the final installment of Criss’ ideas, which brings an end to a long chapter of the Oliva’s work together.  Criss has just recently started getting credit for his amazing guitar work, and Jon has done his brother a great honor by sticking to his promise to share the music that he left behind with his fans.  This album mixes the last of Criss’ ideas with more originals from Jon, and the different genres and elements of the Oliva’s writing over the years, and their many influences.  If you are a fan of Savatage and the way that they evolved over the years this CD covers it all.

Here is the official lyric video for “Father Time” which is featured in hour 1 of this weeks episode of the Noize Faktory.

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